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Sheila Vierra
Attorney at Law, LLLC
Family Law Legal Counsel in Honolulu, Hawaii

Working to Protect Your Rights

Sheila Vierra, Attorney at Law, LLLC offers comprehensive legal advice and counsel. If you have a legal matter or problem Sheila can offer you the best representation in Honolulu. Sheila Vierra has a reputation for creative litigation approaches and achieving exceptional results where other lawyers fall short. She's been practicing law with integrity, efficiency, and compassion since 1990.

Meet Your Attorney

Why Sheila Vierra is the right attorney for your family law matters

Sheila Vierra, Attorney at Law, LLLC has nearly thirty years of experience and a track record of client satisfaction have helped build a strong reputation. Past clients, current clients, judges and opposing attorneys respect Ms. Vierra's knowledgeable, personable approach and welcoming demeanor. They appreciate her ability to help them navigate complex family law matters, making their process an easier one.

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Attorney Sheila Vierra 
Received her Law Degree at Willamette University School of Law in 1989, her B.A. at Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon in 1982 and practices Family Law in Honolulu Hawaii.
Her primary focus is divorce cases, with personalized attention to each client she serves.
Ms. Vierra believes that accessibility is an important element in her service to her clients and is very detail oriented. 
Sheila Vierra makes every client feel comfortable, putting them at ease and therefore creates an environment where trust is established, and where the legal process is explained and understood easily.
As your attorney, Sheila Vierra will make your experience less stressful and as uncomplicated as possible. 
Sheila Vierra was admitted to the Bar in 1989.

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Jo-Ann K. Takara is an Associate Attorney at Sheila Vierra, AAL., LLLC, who practices family law, including divorce, child custody and support, alimony and paternity. Previously, she practiced in the area of civil litigation, handling contact and tort matters. 
Ms. Takara received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers College, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in 1999 and her Juris Doctor degree from the William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii in 2006. She worked as an extern at the Family Court of the First Circuit under the direction of the Honorable Michael F. Broderick (Ret.) and the Honorable R. Mark Browning. 
Ms. Takara is admitted to practice law in the State of Hawaii and speaks fluent Japanese.

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Practice Areas

Professional Representation

Divorce, Mediation, Child Custody, Property Division, and Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)

Divorce / Mediation

In addition to being a thorough Divorce Lawyer, Ms. Vierra is just as skilled in Mediation

Divorce can be a frustrating and tedious process. Sheila Vierra's Honolulu  clients can count on her Family Law expertise to manage the legal framework supporting their endeavors.
Mediation is sometimes a great option. 
One of the aspects of divorce that many people rightfully dread is the idea of airing private family business in divorce court. This painful, expensive process can be largely avoided when divorcing spouses arrive at their own divorce settlements outside of court. Settlement negotiations sometimes accomplish this goal, but there are often major points of disagreement that make this option ineffective.
Couples who want to avoid a full-blown court trial often turn to mediation to resolve disputes. 
When Sheila's involved in mediating a case, she helps her clients successfully resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid unnecessary expense.


Child Custody

Experience makes a world of difference in Family Court

Clients of Sheila Vierra soon discover the benefits of working with this experienced family law attorney when it comes to child custody, child support, paternity, guardianship, adoption and domestic violence. They say Sheila is accessible, prepared in court and detail oriented. Her clients feel confident and comfortable bringing their challenging legal issues to her. With Sheila's guidance, they move forward in a timely manner and are able to resolve legal problems constructively.


Property Division

Working in your best interest

Assets that you brought into a marriage and kept separate may not be part of the marital estate. Other assets such as inheritances or gifts received during the marriage may also not be divisible between the parties in the divorce. Understanding the difference between marital separate property and marital partnership property is the first step in the process of dividing property in every divorce in Hawaii. Sheila Vierra in Honolulu is available to guide you through this process effectively.

As you prepare for divorce in Hawaii, you will need to do a complete inventory of your and your spouse's assets, including:

  • Bank accounts, investment accounts and other financial accounts

  • Retirement accounts,including pensions, 401(k) savings accounts and more

  • Real estate, including the marital home, second homes, time shares, commercial properties, and investment real properties

  • Business interests and other investments

  • Household goods and other belongings, such as furnishings, tools, collectibles and other valuables

The prospect of dividing all assets can seem daunting. An experienced family law attorney such as Sheila Vierra can streamline the process for you. Division of debts may apply.

If a dependent spouse will lose health insurance upon divorce, a divorce decree may include provisions for payment of that person's health insurance. Spousal support (alimony), if applicable, is typically determined along with asset division.

Negotiations, mediation or litigation will determine the terms of your divorce. A personalized case evaluation will allow you to progress through the asset division aspect of your divorce efficiently. Ms. Vierra is prepared to help protect your property rights as you prepare for a divorce, whether you have been a breadwinner or homemaker. If both of you have held jobs or owned businesses, she can take all relevant factors into account while guiding you through the necessary legal steps toward divorce.

Know your property rights as you prepare for a divorce.

Fill out the contact form below, and Sheila will get right back to you. 


We do this all in-house for our clients

Division of marital assets must take into account all property of both spouses. Most people are familiar with the idea of dividing assets like a house, cars, bank accounts and household goods. Asset division also includes assignment of less visible assets to each spouse - such as retirement assets. Getting legal provisions in place at the time of a divorce ensures that each party will receive his or her equitable portion when distribution of retirement assets begin.

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order ("QDRO") is a financial and legal document used to assign some or all retirement assets to a spouse, former spouse, child or other dependent of a worker in whose name the plan and/or accounts are titled. While a QDRO is a judicial order, the Family Court relies on divorcing parties to prepare and process these documents with the appropriate retirement plans.

A QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) is normally necessary to complete the retirement division aspect of a divorce. Many family law firms do not prepare QDRO's themselves.

Rather, they outsource this essential task. Sheila Vierra is one of the few family law attorneys in Honolulu that prepares QDROs for individuals statewide. Clients of Sheila Vierra as well as clients of other divorce lawyers take advantage of this service.

Couples who feel far from retirement age (such as in their 30s or 40s) may consider the division of retirement accounts to be an abstract, far-off concept, since neither spouse will receive the money for decades. However, the division of retirement assets can be the single largest portion of asset division in a divorce, with the most long-lasting impact on financial security over a lifetime.

Sheila Vierra' clients include a wide variety of people from all socio-economic backgrounds. All enjoy the reassurance that comes with thorough, professional services handled efficiently by Ms. Vierra, including preparation of QDROs.

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